Guitar Commander

Rod Schenk


Engineer, Craftsman, Designer, Innovator, Perfectionist




Woodworking inspiration came from Grandpa.  He was an avid woodworker and shop teacher.  Days visiting Grandma and Grandpa's house where spent yearning to tinker in the shop and make saw dust.  There was something magical about the shop that has never left my heart.  

Grandma and Grandpa, 1932, Pennsylvania.

Engineering Training


The desire to build and design led to a Degree in Engineering from Temple University, not far from Grandpa's house.  It was followed by becoming a Professional Engineer designing buildings, bridges, damns, piers even components to nuclear power plants.  Engineers see the world in a different light.   This practical perspective will turn out to have been a valuable resource in the coming years.

Guitar Making


Guitar making might be the perfect combination of Engineering and Woodworking.  It is a task that allows the science of engineering to interweave with woodworking.  Schenk Guitars are the result of inspiration, engineering design and woodworking craftsmanship.    Creating instruments for over 15 years, the magic lives on, hoping to inspire the next generation of grandkids.